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Wavy Bear is here!!!

Posted on January 12 2014

The Wavy Bear is here, giving the world proof that all Wavy Boy Clothing items are made on the moon! All I can say is I'm excited for all the new styles and designs he brought back! Get ready world for even more people to #JOINTHEWAVE, because with looks this unique you won't have any other choice, but to.



Wavy Boy "Made on the Moon" Tee $25.00 Link Below


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  • Iris: July 18, 2015

    ANTE KAI STA DIKA MAS!You know, it was Julie Burchil (misspelled?) who wrote once about his Illumination album on her Gardian Magazine’s column that draw my aeonttitn to him. Tehy are a generation befor ours those guys and they are where we will be in a few years’ time… Promising!FILIA POLLA

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