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Posted on February 03 2014

WIN a  brand new Wavy Boy "New Wave" T-Shirt  (MEN/WOMEN) All you have to do is tag 4 friends, and you'll increase your chances to win A "New Wave" shirt available only from WWW.WAVYBOY.COM

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  • Markin: July 17, 2015

    1- If you weren’t doing your current job, what would you like to do/be?As a silgne mom, I have always balanced 2 careers. During the day, I manage a law firm on the east coast in order to have a guaranteed income. In the evening, I do small project de9cor and design work.I learned to sew at four years old and began sewing clothes for my dolls, and then for my friends’ dolls. If I were to make the big switch in careers, I would become a full blown fashion designer with the New York offices and make my home in a Soho loft during the daytime hours. At night, when my creative juices refuse to calm, I would write novels.2. What is your signature scent?Chanel No. 5 my mother wore it and used to place a dot behind my ears and on my wrists every morning before we could properly consider ourselves dressed’. I would regard it a betrayal to Coco to wear anything else 3. What is your current guilty pleasure?I write short stories. I find a shot of a lovely female and another of an interesting looking guy or perhaps a shot of a couple together and I weave a story of their chance meeting, the slowly woven story of how their relationship developed something of their background that brought them to this place and in this cross-section of time. I develop these elements in my head all day long and then pour them onto electronic paper at the end of the day. It takes several weeks and sometimes months to fully develop each element of their story.4. Who is your current girl crush?No contest Jennifer Lawrence. She is simply delightful.5. What are you most excited about this month?I am extremely excited for my younger brother. He has wanted to visit the west coast (we are east coasters) and then travel up into Lake Tahoe to pursue a recently extended job offer as a chef. This was a long awaited opportunity. Cross your fingers for him!

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