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Wavy Boy "Midnight & Breakfast" Clubs!

Posted on February 11 2014



Wavy Boy Clothing is bringing the wave over to FITNESS!  Finally your sense of fashion will be able to stand out, while you work out! The Wavy Boy "Midnight Club" was created for anyone who has ever put in hard work while the rest of the world was sleeping. Anyone in the Midnight club knows to be exceptional you have to put in the work, no matter the day, or hour.  

Wavy Boy Breakfast Club, the yang, to the midnight's ying. This club was created to cater to anyone who as ever began to start a hard day's work before the rooster's first cocka-doodle-do. Anyone who has ever did a "6 A.M." or "Before Work" workout  there's a membership and shirt coming soon for you to  #JOINTHEWAVE


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