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The 1st Wavy Barber. Feat. Kalonji Paschal

Posted on March 23 2014

Kalonji takes a look at his weapons of choice (Above)

The Wavy Brand Presents... Kalonji Paschal. A Portland native, with an athletic background, who recently made the change from "Baller" to Barber.

Kalonji leaves another customer satisfied. (Above)

We were looking for someone who could instill the confidence that Wavy Boy Clothing brings to clothing... into a hair cut. Kalonji Paschal is exactly that! He delivers unique and trend setting hair cuts, at an affordable price. For the all customers looking to improve their appearance via hair cut, visit  Kalonji. Kalongi is currently  cutting at Phagan's hair school, 1542 NE Weidler, 3:30pm-9pm.Call (503)283-0838 for an appointment( walk-ins accepted as well) $4 lineups $6 haircuts.(Tips welcomed) Come see Kalonji today and #JOINTHEWAVE !

Tools of the trade. (Above)

"I was chasin' this hoop dream, because almost every black kid wants to be an athlete... that's all we know. I didn't know about trade school or anything like that. All I knew was I wanted to go to a university and play ball. Then I got out of there with an associate degree. So I'm thinking with that I'm suppose to get somethin'! I'm suppose to start out at the 12 at least. Instead they coming with the $9.60's and $9.80's. I had 2 more little girls, and with my son, that's 3 kids, so I decided it was time for a career. So why not barbering? I mean after all its in my blood. My dad is the official Nike Barber, and it's clear he and passed down some of his talent my way.  Believe it or not, I've fell in love with this hair, the same way I did with basketball!" - Kalonji Paschal

Kalongi Paschal, the 1st Wavy barber. (Above)

" I been cutitn my own hair for six years, and been cuttin others for about tow and a half years. When I first started chargin' people it was in school. It was more of a hustle more than anything. I had to eat. $2 for a line up $5 for a hair cut. I knew everybody in school had at least $5, and that's was how it all  started.


Now that I look back, it's been over 100 people, so all I can say is I'm blessed. But as far as consistency, I got a clientele base of about a good fifteen, like normals that come to see me every couple weeks. I guess it's safe to say they fell in love with the finished product.

As far as working, If I'm not my own boss,  then didn't really want to go in to work.  Being a barber I can be my own boss, so that was my whole initiative for going to barber school. With so many diverse clients, I have to make sure that the goal is the same. Once they sit down in the chair, they leave with more confidence than they came with, and so far 100% at that.

I've cut a few celebrities, but I'm just looking to get my name known in the community, and around the world.   - Kalonji Paschal

Kalonji Paschal  shows off his weapons of choice. (Above)






  • Elham: July 17, 2015

    the trick to flexi rodding for ME was to curl your hair and while it’s still warm rod it so it can keep that exact curl partetn. Be sure to rod it TIGHT!!! It worked for me. Good luck:)

  • Dukeshire: March 24, 2014


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