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Arigbon Charity Foundation feeds 120 more people! (450 Total)

Posted on August 04 2014

The Arigbon Charity Foundation and Wavy Boy Clothing teamed up to feed over 100 people! With sales from a percentage of the "The Graphic Tee Collection"going towards the feed, and funds from the Arigbon Charity Foundation, a meal was put on for the homeless and less fortunate community.


That Friday the sun shined and provided us with 80 degree weather, but the heat didn't differ hunger. The meal took place around 11AM on Friday August 1st, 2014. 

Over 100 Oregonians showed up and satisfied their hunger, quenched their thirst, and left, with a sense of hope, knowing that Portland cares about the less fortunate.

The Arigbon Charity Foundation wanted to provide a tasty and feeling meal, and they did just that. Each "Sack Lunch" was packed with two boiled eggs, a polish sausage,  honey bun, and capri sun. The perfect mid day brunch for the less fortunate.

This feed marks the 3rd time Wavy Boy Clothing has collaborated with the Arigbon Charity Foundation to provide Hope 4 The Hungry! 

For more info on how you can DONATE your TIME or FUNDS to a greater cause, head over to  to find out more!






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