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Jefferson High School gets WAVY!

Posted on October 09 2014

A couple of weeks ago Wavy Boy Clothing put out a shirt to pay homage the high school I attended. Thomas Jefferson High School of Portland, Oregon. The School of Champions! Anyone privileged enough to attend Jefferson will appreciate this  design.  (CLASS OF 2004 WILL ONLY BE ON PREORDERED SHIRTS FOR THE 10YR REUNION)


These shirts are available for purchase in the TJ Room A10 at Jefferson High School. ($20)  Students can be WAVY too!

Stop by the TJ Room today and JOIN THE WAVE with #WAVYBOYCLOTHING

The  TJ Room is located on the 1st floor, in the same hallway as the cafeteria. (A10)  Students can preorder  shirts there also. Others can head over to and ORDER ONLINE!


  • Jackie Meyer: October 10, 2014


    Clearly you haven’t read the paper lately. I would encourage you to google Jefferson’s graduation rate for 2014. It’s that type of negativity and poor opinion that keeps perpetuating misinformation in the community about Jefferson. Your experience in 1987 is not the experience students are having at Jeff in 2014. At the end of the day, these are children you are talking about.


  • Michael Kitt: October 10, 2014

    Jefferson is and always was the worst possible place to learn. At one point they had to fire every single teacher that worked there. The teachers didn’t care. They were disgusted by the ignorance and violence of the students. The community acted like it was passable. It’s wasn’t and isn’t. Jefferson students consistently rank last in test scores in the metro area. Close it NOW and stop acting like it was or is anything but a sewer.

    Michael Kitt
    Jefferson High
    Class of 1987

  • mjones: October 09, 2014

    so happy to see pride in the Demo’s coming back. It was and is a great school. Great education and fun times!

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