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Wavy Boy Clothing to be featured on ASOS Marketplace!

Posted on December 16 2014

That's right Wavy Boy Clothing has partnered with ASOS Marketplace to help people in Europe  stay WAVY. A boutique by will be opened on ASOS Marketplace and will feature items you won't find on so stay tuned and stay WAVY my friends. 



ASOS Market place is a global online fashion and beauty retailer selling over 65,000 branded and own-label products to fashion forward twenty-somethings through our website, ASOS Marketplace will ship, for free, to 234 countries and territories from our 1.1 million square foot global distribution center in the UK.

ASOS tailors the mix of own-label, global and local brands sold through each of our nine local language websites: UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Russia and China. ASOS Market place and Wavy Boy Clothing look to have a promising future together starting this December.

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  • Nikky: July 18, 2015

    Great, great, great!! Love, love both looks and you look amazing my dear! Loving the coral belt and lip {coral yes? Or hot pink? Whichever, HOT}. Being a bride to be suits you down to the gurond. Me, I was a raving loonie with break outs from all the booze I drank to make it through. Oh yeah, that’s hot.

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