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People in the United Kingdom join the WAVE! via ASOS

Posted on April 07 2015

That's right people from all over the United Kingdom have joined the WAVE! Wavy Boy Clothing has brought its unique style and one of a kind charisma to foreign territory, and the people are loving it!


Just two months after Wavy Boy clothing made its appearance on ASOS marketplace, people have seen and decided to make a FASHION STATEMENT with every purchase! 

The Wavy Boy "Bike the World." Tee has been one of our hottest items! Head over to 's marketplace and search "WAVY", then you'll be one step away from making the transition from fitting in, to standing out!

The Wavy Boy "Bike the world." Tee comes in a few different colors, so choose wisely and stay WAVY my friends. 


The Wavy Boy "RED" Hoodie, only available on ASOS, has also been one of the hottest items to hit the streets of the United Kingdom.  Designed to cater to our customers abroad, The Wavy Boy "RED" hoodie will compliment any outfit so head over to ASOS and add one to your cart. #wavyboyclothing


Head over to ASOS, then click boutiques, search "WAVY" and you'll arrive at the place that delivers unique fashion, made on the moon. Stat WAVY my friends.







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  • Leoandris: July 18, 2015

    I’ve been feeling a ltltie bit lost this week too, Monday seems like Tuesday and Wednesday feels like a Friday, yeh all a bit of a strange one! Love the mustard swing dress xxx

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