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Wavy Boy Clothing releases two new snapbacks!

Posted on August 28 2015

Shipped straight from the Moon, the newest items are here just in time for the fall!
First out of the box came the Wavy Boy "Cartel" snapback. The definition of Cartel is "An association of manufacturers or suppliers with the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition." When if comes to FASHION, Wavy Boy Clothing wants to restrict the competition, so we did jus that with the Wavy Boy "Cartel" snapback.
The Wavy Boy "Cartel" snapback features the "New Wave" logo on the side , adding red mix, brining the color count to three, so this hat can pretty much accompany any outfit in the closet.
The best part about this hat in our opinion, is the design on the back. The back design gives an added sense of style to anyone who prefers to wear their hat backwards. This will truly be... your favorite hat!

Next up came the Wavy Boy "Wavy" snapback. This plush cap sports the original Wavy logo, and is accompanied by the Wavy Bear, and the Wavy Boy Clothing signature stamp.

The Wavy Boy Clothing stamp shows the world the year we came in and changed the game.
The other side is graced by the face of the brand, the Wavy Bear, and he likes to put his face on anything! 
The Wavy Boy snapback collection now has two more members! Head over to our shop and stay WAVY my friends!


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