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CMG's Wave Chapelle Spotted in Wavy Boy Clothing

Posted on April 07 2019


Signed to Yo Gotti's CMG label, its no surprise to see Wave Chapelle in Wavy Boy Clothing. He's been trending since he hit the scene in 2014, and aside from spitting bars, he's known for being a fashionable influence. It seems like it was fate that both these Waves met up, but real always recognizes real.

The Milwaukee native dons the Wavy Boy hoodie in Red in the photos above

(Via Instagram @realwavechapelle)

 This week Wave Chapelle came out with a freestyle challenge that you're sure to see filling up your timelines. Wave Chapelle also dons the Wavy Boy hoodie, which is available in our shop in a few different colors. Make sure y'all upload your freestyles and use #WAVECHALLENGE to be featured on the social media of Wave Chapelle!

 The Wavy Bear hoodie graces the back of Wave Chapelle.

(Via Instagram @realwavechapelle)

This hoodie is also available in a few different colors in the Wavy Boy Clothing shop. Keep up with Wave Chapelle on all social media platforms : @realwavechapelle & on Facebook!

You can hear Wave Chapelle's music on just about any platform from Soundcloud to Youtube and everything in-between, we over here at Wavy Boy Clothing have currently had Wave Chapelle's "New Wave" album in heavy rotation, so give him listen, and stay Wavy my friends.





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