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Joe Torgerson from MTV's "Are you the one?" & "Ex on the Beach" does Wavy Boy Photo Shoot

Posted on May 20 2018

(Wavy Boy "Beach" Tee) 

Portland's own Joe Torgerson from MTV's "Are you the one?"and "Ex on the Beach linked up with the Wavy Boy Team and shot some flicks in Wavy Boy Clothing's Spring/Summer Collection.

(Wavy Boy "Color Wave" Tee) 

The Portland Tribune pays homage to Mr. Torgerson by publishing an article showcasing his journey to being on MTV's "Are you the One? (Season 6), and that can be viewed here : Local Portlander looks for love on MTV show

(Wavy Boy "Euro" Jacket) 

The Reality TV star has also made his mark on social media, with over 100K followers, its safe to say he's someone you'd want to keep up with.  Check out the latest in Joe's world by following up, he goes by the name of : @princeofnorway on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, and just about anything else you can log on to.

(Wavy Boy "New Wave" Tee) 

Right about now you can catch Joe, on MTV"s "EX on the Beach", take a look at  press release from Entertainment Weekly . The Show starts 4/19/2018  9/8 central on MTV and  We have a few more planned projects with Joe in the future, so stay tuned, and like our man Joe, stay WAVY my friends!



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