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The Wavy Boy Dad Hat Collection is here!

Posted on October 26 2016


The Wavy Boy Dad Hat Collection is here! Dad hats designed for every occasion. These five hats will allow you to add just a tad bit more style to anything you pair it to.

The Wavy Boy "Color Wave dad hat keeps it simple, colorful and WAVY. This one here is a no brainer  for anyone who likes to look fashionable. 

The Wavy Boy "Drippy W"  dad hat keeps thing simple, yet WAVY, with the drippy w logo. This hat comes in a few different colors, but if you reach our via email you can customise the color of the "Drippy W" for a while new custom wave.

The Wavy Boy "Gun Rose" dad hat logo shows a more artistic side of streetwear fashion. This one picture definitely says a thousand words.                 

The Wavy Boy "Oregon" dad hat pays homage to the wonderful state if Oregon! One of the only places in the USA thats tax free and marijuana is LEGAL for recreational use!  For only $20 why not?

The Wavy Boy "Bear Head" dad hat give the face of the brand a hat of his own. This is a distressed dad hat that gives a whole new dimension to anything its paired with. 

5 Dad Hat came in this seasons shipment from the Moon. Grab one now while supplies last! Your only $20 and a click away from making a fashion statement. 





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