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The Wavy Boy "Drippy W" elongated zip tee is here!

Posted on September 29 2016

This Fall Wavy Boy Clothing has decided to step foot into the world of contemporary fashion.  We understand for some occasions every garment doesn't necessarily have to include words or a large graphic, so thats why we came out with The "Drippy W" zip tee.

Paint splatters decorate this jet black elongated shirt, as well as gold zippers and an embroidered "Drippy W'. This shirt is perfect for any occasion and comes three different colors.



Wavy Boy Clothing is CONFIDENCE in CLOTHING  form and once you let this shirt grace your back, you'll agree. Stop by the shop and add one of these to your cart. Use discount coupon GOOGLEWAVE15 and save 15% on your first purchase but most importantly stay WAVY my friends.



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