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Wavy Boy Clothing does a Fanny Pack!

Posted on June 03 2018

The perfect pouch to carry just about anything, Wavy Boy Clothing has released the first item of its Fanny Pack Collection, the "Box Wavy" fanny pack.  This collection of fanny packs is made on the moon and shipped directly to you, truly, fashion that's out of this world.

The classic "Box Wavy" logo decorates the front, along with two separate pockets to store those clunky pocket items.

No more accidentally sitting on your cell phone, or things magically falling out of your pocket. The Wavy Boy fanny pack offers that two zipper security which means, what's in this pocket, stays in this pocket.

The back strap features miniature  "Box Wavy" logos, making this fanny pack the one that stands out from the rest.

When your ready to make a Fashion Statement, add one of these to your cart and remember, Wavy Boy Clothing is CONFIDENCE in CLOTHING  form.  Stay WAVY my friends.


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