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Wavy Boy Clothing hits the runway with Bloom Beauty Collective for Sneaker Week PDX

Posted on September 03 2018

With the headquarters of Nike and adidas located in the area and the recent addition of an Under Armour office, Portland is without a doubt the hub of sneaker business in the United States. Yet while all of the movers and shakers in the business come to Portland for meetings, there has been a void of actual culturally based sneaker activities and events.

Wanting to address this issue, Herbert Smith of Pensole Footwear Design Academy assembled a team of like-minded individuals in the industry to create the inaugural Sneaker Week Portland. -via Slamonline  

Portland is the hub for the global sneaker industry, and SneakerWeek PDX is here to highlight the people who make this city thrive! SneakerWeek has been made possible by the support and contributions of Portland businesses and partnerships within the global sneaker culture. Proceeds from these events and partnerships will go toward supporting local charities and non-profits. -via

The grand finale of Sneaker Week PDX was the Fashion Show put on by Bloom Beauty  Collective, a company always known for putting on an extravagant event.

Photographer @klaxon_pdx caught some graceful images of the whole show, and did an excellent job capturing the WAVE as it hit the street runway! 

Sneaker Week was the perfect opportunity to let the world see just how easy it is to match something WAVY with your favorite sneakers! It was also the perfect time to inform everyone that designs will be made in kid sizes this fall! 

Last season's favorite, the "Gun Rose" tee was just one a few items that hit the runway, check out the video we managed to capture of the WAVE showing the world just exactly what CONFIDENCE in CLOTHING form looks like. We got plenty of new drops happening this fall so make sure you stop by the shop and grab something WAVY.




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