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Wavy Boy Clothing sponsors the Mike James Basketball Camp 2k16 (w/video)

Posted on July 03 2016

The Mike James basketball camp (Click here to like the camp page) has giving kids an opportunity to acquire basketball fundamentals as well as essential knowledge since 2014.  The balance of discipline and education taught at the camp instills information into the fertile minds of high schoolers all around the Portland metropolitan area.

Over 100 kids in the Portland metropolitan area were trained and mentored by Mike James himself as well as other professionals, college athletes and  mentors alike who took place in the third annual Mike James Basketball Camp.

Campers got the opportunity to ask questions about the transition from high school to college, and even the transition from college to professional. Although each coach had a different experience, they all would agree that the underlying ingredients for achieving goals revolves around hard work and discipline. 

 Campers also got the opportunity to put their newly learned skills and fundamentals to use in the students vs staff game. Staff games and competitions also gave campers an opportunity to learn and compete against a staff, who all happen to be athletes who have played professionally, or on the collegiate level. 

 As the tradition grows stronger with each camp, more kids are walking away from the Mike James Basketball Camp with a  better understanding of just how important  the word STUDENT is in student athlete.  Make sure you attend the next Mike James Basketball Camp for an experience you'll cherish for a life time.    Check out the VIDEO below for a brief look at this years Mike James Basketball Camp 2k16 


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