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Wavy Boy Clothing to collab with GD Visions !

Posted on March 12 2018

Ever heard of GD Visions? The brand known for 100% hand drawn artwork that never disappoints. Inspired by hip hop culture, fashion, and anime to name a few,  GD Visions' owner Brittney Thompson boasts a creative gallery that features EVERYTHING from artist portraits to company graphics. Take a look at a few of her most acclaimed pieces and then you'll understand why we just had to have her bring our ideas to life.

 As a fan of anime myself, I grew up watching some of Japan's most popular animated series. Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon,  & Full Metal Alchemist to name a few. I've always been intrigued by the Japanese culture, food, fashion, streetwear, technology, and just the language in general. From the characters of each letter to  the pronunciation of the words the Japanese culture has always impressed me. 

The collaboration with GD Visions allows me the opportunity to visualise my appreciation for the Japanese culture while pairing it with my sense of style. The plan was for her to replicate a few characters I loved, but place them in the most WAVIEST clothing around. 

Piece of cake, mission complete! Now its our job to turn these masterpieces into FASHION STATEMENTS for anyone  who can recognise these characters or our brand.We're aiming create something both fashion forward influencers will appreciate, as well as Japanese cartoon lovers. Stay tuned for some culture influenced streetwear that's sure to be on everyone's "Must Have" list.

In the meantime if you have any ideas you want brought to life, don't hesitate to hit up GD Visions! ( @GDvisonsx) On IG or via their website: There is pretty much nothing she can't do, so take a look at what she has to offer, check back soon,& stay WAVY my friends.













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