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Wavy Boy Clothing can be categorized as URBAN STREET WEAR at its FINEST.  We have items appropriate for any occasion, and created for men, women & children. Each piece of Wavy Boy Clothing is (Made on the moon) a FASHION STATEMENT! 

"What is the word “Wavy”?

"Wavy" is defined as a positive connotation, popularized by
artist, Max B” -

"Wavy can also be identified as the feeling you get when you look in the mirror, and know you can have anyone in the room... Because you look that good. Wavy Boy Clothing is that feeling bottled up, and poured over unique apparel. Wavy Boy Clothing is confidence in clothing form."

-Bayo Arigbon          

Bayo Arigbon is a Portland native, and the creator of the Wavy Boy brand. After a promising college career, and playing professional basketball overseas. (Qatar Iceland, Chile, Israel, Spain, and Ecuador) He decided to try a business venture outside of basketball. Although basketball is his passion, his hobbies have allowed him to excel in fashion, media and photography.  

 The idea of a clothing line started while I was playing in Israel. It wasn’t until then that I had seen a custom t-shirt store, although they have them at almost every mall in the United States. After purchasing a few shirts; I thought about how cool it would be to have my own designs, instead of selecting from a book. From there that vision materialized into Wavy Boy Clothing.“ - Bayo Arigbon