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Wavy Boy PROMO Team

Want FREE Wavy gear!!?

If so then we have created an extremely simple to use system, where we reward you just for sending customers our way.  If you have somewhat of following, and they know your fashionable, then this should be a piece of cake.

Wavy Boy "Definition" tee

We call that system, the Wavy Boy Promotional Representative Team or the Wavy Boy Promo Team for short. So sign up and start receiving gear just for moving your fingers and spreading the word.


Wavy Boy Reps are stylish, trendsetting, fashion leaders amongst their peers with some what of a following on social media. They know all about the hashtag game, and they aren't afraid to retweet something WAVY!  Our team members also defend fashion and show the rest of the world how to stay WAVY. So if that sounds like you, sign up today.


How Does it Work?

Send an email to WAVYBOYCLOTHING@GMAIL.COM title it "PROMO TEAM" include Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat & Facebook info, and select a custom code for yourself. If your accepted, a Wavy Boy representative will contact you, sending you codes and redeem info! It's that easy so SEND THAT EMAIL TODAY!  Once your approved, you help us and we hook you up! Once your own unique Rep Code is created, give that code out to as many people as possible. When those people use your code while making a purchase on, they'll get a discount (20% off their purchase) and you earn points that can be redeemed for clothes or cash.(A % of your orders can be sent directly to your Paypal account!) So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start cashing in now!

 Tips to get maximum results!

- Make it look as less sponsored/advertised as possible.

-The best results have been from users submitting photos on their socials of themselves in our gear. If you don't yet own any Wavy Boy Clothing gear then to help you get your collection started here is a promo code - STYLE8

- Be persistent, one single post to your social media account is not necessarily going to create an abundance of sales. 

- You can send your promotional code to email contacts, social media contacts or hosted on your blog/website. 

- You can use our images from our social media accounts to include with your link if sharing across your socials/website.